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How can wake up to a brighter world

Another exhausting day, another exhausting night. 

Even if you manage to get those recommended eight hours, you wake up feeling like your head just hit the pillow. You push snooze to snag an extra hour, missing your planned workout and healthy smoothie breakfast. The drive- thru it is ... for the third time this week. No wonder your blood sugar has been off. But it’ll take an extra-large coffee just to keep you from falling asleep during your mid-afternoon meeting. You know this level of fatigue is something you should probably get checked out, but the last thing
you need is another parade of doctors to deal with. For now, it’s taking all your focus just to get through the workday, so you can head home to another night of unrest and repeat the cycle again tomorrow.

It’s time to wake up to a brighter world. With Nox Health, you can do more for your sleep than ever before, because you have one source for everything from the world’s most advanced diagnostics to treatment programs that actually work.


See the real problems

  • Make it easy on yourself to find out what’s really happening with your sleep – using an at-home device that’s comfortable, reliable, and simple to use
  • Discover your underlying sleep issue – whether that’s sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorder, restless leg syndrome, or something else
  • Take the pulse on your sleep wherever you are, with SleepCharge’s virtual sleep checkup


See the way forward

  • Find a treatment plan that works for you, with access to sleep medicine physicians who take the time to listen and adjust therapy based on your feedback
  • Receive continuous care with SleepCharge, a cloud-based platform that gives you access to checkups and educational content
  • Be supported throughout treatment, with a care team who proactively calls you to discuss how things are going, listen to your concerns, and help troubleshoot any issues
  • Get a path you can actually follow – to being more productive, having more energy, and feeling better than ever


See everything at once

  • Eliminate the doctor-office runaround with sleep testing, treatment, and ongoing support that comes to you
  • Benefit from a consistent, coordinated approach at every step of your sleep journey
  • Remove the hurdles to good health with a program that’s easy and affordable for anyone to navigate

Only Nox Health makes all this possible, so you and your employees can wake up to a brighter world.