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How can wake up to a brighter world

It happened again. Another sleep-deprived person just missed out on the help they desperately need.

The wait list at the sleep clinic was too long, so they gave up. Or the at-home diagnostic device was cumbersome and uncomfortable, so they took it off at four in the morning. Or the cannula fell off in their sleep and the test had to be rescheduled for never. All this before you even reach a treatment plan. You know that getting sleep-deprived people the help they need can literally mean the difference between life and death. But doing so feels impossible when the technology, data, and system itself are all working against you.

It’s time to wake up to a brighter world. With Nox Health, you can do more to improve sleep health than ever before. You get one source for everything from the world’s most advanced diagnostics to treatment programs that actually work.


See the real problems

– wherever sleep impacts health, costs, and productivity; and get more accurate diagnoses

  • Cut the time to diagnosis with testing devices that reliably provide high-quality data
  • Quickly capture a more complete picture of a person’s health by drawing on multiple data points (without adding more complexity)
  • Avoid costly test do-overs with built-in redundancy across 12–14 different channels


See the way forward

– to better outcomes across a broader range of sleep-related issues, with next-generation tools and care.

  • Free up valuable technician and patient time with at-home diagnostic devices that are more accurate, more comfortable, and easier to use than the industry standard
  • Get better accuracy without sacrificing efficiency, with simple-to- use tools that your patients will love
  • Partner with a forward-looking provider that’s exploring solutions like artificial intelligence and cognitive computing for even more advanced diagnostic capabilities


See everything at once

– so you no longer have to juggle different data, different providers, different approaches, and more.

  • Get a clear picture of your patient at all times, with comprehensive data and reporting on a single platform
  • Open up new opportunities for your practice with an all-in-one partner that increases clinical collaboration, operational efficiency, and revenue possibilities
  • Offer patients a center of excellence for sleep that you develop in your region, with expert help and guidance along the way

Only Nox Health makes all this possible, so you and your employees can wake up to a brighter world.