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How can wake up to a brighter world

Ouch. The cost of healthcare just went up another 12%. And you’ve already done everything you can think of to help your organization rein it in.

Now the only thing that’s left is improving the health of your people. And you’ve tried a lot there too. But many organizations – and even many healthcare providers – haven’t taken a closer look at sleep health. And it’s not just about sleep apnea – or safety and productivity. It’s about having a way to impact everything from diabetes and heart disease ... to mental health and employee happiness. So why aren’t more people acting on this? Because for far too long, everyone’s been left in the dark – including many of your employees who don’t even know they have a sleep problem.

It’s time to wake up to a brighter world. With Nox Health, you can do more to improve employee sleep health than ever before. You get one source for everything from the world’s most advanced diagnostics to treatment programs that actually work.


See the real problems

–wherever sleep impacts health, costs, and productivity; and get more accurate diagnoses.

  • Get to the root cause and solution of costly issues, with a holistic approach that takes a big-picture view to tackling the most complex sleep challenges
  • Better focus your efforts by developing stronger insights into the health of your employee population, on both an individual and collective level
  • Partner with a forward-looking provider that’s exploring solutions like artificial intelligence and cognitive computing for even more advanced diagnostic capabilities


See the way forward

–to better outcomes across a broader range of sleep-related issues, with next-generation tools and care.

  • Get a treatment plan that works for every individual, with access to sleep medicine physicians who take the time to listen and adjust therapy based on feedback
  • Achieve over 90% daily program adherence (compared to 40–50% traditional treatment average) with a care team who proactively calls participants to check on their CPAP usage, improvements, concerns, and more
  • Make continuous care more accessible with SleepCharge, a cloud-based platform that gives employees easy access to checkups, continuing education, and content
  • Benefit from smarter support with teams who are basing their recommendations on active and passive information captured via a patented, HIPAA-secure platform
  • Save as much as 20% or more in healthcare spend by eliminating inefficiencies and costs with a more holistic approach to sleep and overall health


See everything at once

–so you no longer have to juggle different data, different providers, different approaches, and more.

  • Shorten the time to impact by giving employees one place to meet all their sleep needs – from initial diagnosis to treatment and ongoing support
  • Get full visibility into program engagement, results, and ROI – by accessing everything on a single platform
  • Eliminate the doctor-office runaround for employees with diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare all housed within a center of excellence that meets them where they are

Only Nox Health makes all this possible, so you and your employees can wake up to a brighter world.